LeeDee Trading and Projects cc is a company in South Africa and specialize in the following services from briefing, through commissioning, occupation and aftercare of our clients and customers: Constructions, Civil & Electrical Engineering Services: We work with our clients to renovate their properties from small house to commercial properties. We help our clients with the selection of material and sourcing of the material. All from civil to electrical work under one roof. Aviation and Transport Services: For all transport requirement from aircraft leasing to bus and car hire services.( For all the road transport our partner Hlanganani transport services is utilized for a rapid service to our clients). Air Traffic Management and Communications Services: We work with our client to provide the highest standards of procurement, maintenance, support services both corporate and defense solutions. General Business Solutions: We offer services from procurement, supply chain, shipping, communication which includes dangerous goods handling services.
Is to cement the cracks by taking services to our people by road, air and renovate the foundations of our communities and the future. MISSION
Our mission is to be competitive with our pricing, services and provide our customers good quality products while giving them value for money. As a young, small entity we would like to treat each client or project with our full attention paying closer attention to detail and adding the client’s personal touch to our projects which in turn will create better relationships with our clients and masterpiece end results. OBJECTIVES
LeeDee will carefully monitor its sustainability from employing the best business practices and services, and continuous monitoring of our growth.